Votes are decisions made by users used to decide the winner on debates. Voting on debates is done during the voting period, after the two debaters have finished debating.

Voting Privileges

Voting privileges can only be granted for users who have already completed at least 3 debates. Voting permissions can be acquired by using a cellphone number to ensure that the user is a legitimate account, or one can acquire voting privileges by sending a private message requesting it to the website's administrator, Airmax1227.[1][2]Manually requesting for voting privileges is recommended by the website if one's cell phone carrier is not recognized by the account verification system.[2]

Voting Process

During the voting period, the community is allowed to judge the debate for a period of time set by the instigator. [3] By default, voters are requested to vote on 6 fields, 4 of which have an effect on the debate. The ones which affect the debate are bolded.

Name Amount of points given per vote
Who did you agree with before the debate? 0
Who did you agree with after the debate? 0
Who had better conduct? 1
Who had better spelling and grammar? 1
Who made more convincing arguments? 3
Who used the most reliable sources?



Alternatively, the instigator of the debate can change the voting format to a simple "yes" or "no". The instigator can also only allow voting by a few selected judges.

In addition, voters may be required to insert a reason for decision in a textbox, if an option to require it was enabled by the instigator.


Vote Bombing

Vote bombing is unfair or unexplained voting. [3] While users used to "counter" unfair votes by voting in favor of the opposing member, a new feature that allows users to report votes has rendered it obsolete.

Alleged Instances of Vote Bombing user FrizzStammberger has accused the website's voters of having a pro-atheist slant. According to the user, the majority of the users on the website were atheists,[5] and they were "hostile to Christianity". [6]

The atheist user Qopel accused vote bombers who unfairly vote as being responsible for some of his lost debates. He further accuses a list of users of being vote bombers. [7]

And even with standards you can still get away with it because Whiteflame doesn't give a fuck.

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