Varrack is a 16-year-old male on who joined the site in January 2015. He is a self proclaimed Conservative who
supports the Republican party. Varrack has a win ratio of 90%+, and an elo ranking of 3,604. He has done several gay marriage debates, being con on the issue, and ended up losing on a closely controversial one with user Genghis_Khan, which was eventually deleted. Varrack has debated several well-known users, including bsh1, thett3, and 16kadams. He is a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latterday Saints, and is very loyal to his faith. He eventually deactivated his account, but returned two months later.

Notable Debates

Varrack vs bsh1: Voluntary Euthanasia

ConceptEagle vs Varrack: Raise Minimum Wage

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