ThinkBig[1] is a member who joined in 2011 originally under the name "kohai." He has been a prominent figure on and has contributed much content, some good and some bad.


Before "ThinkBig," he was "Microsuck", he also had an account under the name "Mr.Infidel". He deactivated his "Microsuck" account in late 2012, and has been known as "DoubtingDave", "AnsweringAtheism", and "ThinkBig" among other accounts, the latter being his most recent.

Microsuck was known for being a vocal atheist, though he professed to be Jewish when he was using his "Mr.Infidel", and has since returned to Judaism. He is a prolific debater and debates mostly about religious and political topics. Microsuck has also shifted politically in his time on DDO. He went from being a liberal to a libertarian to an anarcho-communist to back to a libertarian to back to a liberal.

Notable debates

THBT Citizens on the Terrorist Screening Database should not be barred from purchasing firearms

Compulsory Inclusion of Non-Felons' DNA by any Government Database is Just

Libertarians should support Romney