SamStevens is a 16 year old male debater on He has 2 pet cockroaches. He considers himself moderately to extremely socially awkward, and states that he "cannot stress that enough." He hates going to open areas with a lot of people, like restaurants and stores, since he gets the feeling that "everyone is watching" him, not that he does any suspicious activity, but rather because he feels that people are judging him. He states that this causes sweating and itching, and that he doesn't know what to look at, which he says is miserable. He has a train set with his grandfather. He had it for several years, but it was still a work in progress. He has a desire to kill bugs such as centipedes, flies, and paper wasps. He has had 3 hamsters in the past, and essentially adopted his sister's hamster due to her negligence. All of the hamsters were geriatric and died of old age. He had a dutch guinea pig that has lived for 7.5 years [1]