The Rivalslb party was a political party on DDO, created in April 2011 by Askbob.  The party derived its name from two members whom Askbob drove off the site, Rivalplace and Charleslb.  Askbob believed these members, along with others that he targeted latered in his DDO career, to be trolls and should be kicked off the site.

The party did not have any set principals of which its platform was derived from, but a collection of positions that Askbob held and wanted to impliment.  Some of them were the following.

  • Optional Curse Filter
  • Public announcement of all bannings along with stated reasons
  • Removing "my" from the dashboard (so "my messages" would be just "messages")
  • RFD reporting
  • Linking DDO to the fan and wiki site

The party was originally used for the 4th DDO Presidental Election, in which Askbob ultimately claimed that he was "taking power" [1].  Shortly after the election, Askbob was banned from DDO.  The party was revived by Socialpinko for the 5th DDO Presidental Election.  After losing to Innoman, Social tried again with the Rivalslb party for the 7th DDO Presidental Election.  Social received a lot of negative attention during the race for his use of Askbob's party.  Since his loss in the 7th, the party has not be publicly used.  There have been conspiracies that the party is still used in the shadows of DDO to bring Askbob back and promote an Anarchist agenda.  But with the sites move away from anarchist leanings, such a conspiracy is either false or impotent.