The Right-Wing Message Thread is a PM thread created by the user stargate to unite the political right wing.


Stargate created the thread after he lost a debate due to a liberal reporting votes. He sent a private message to BIGC, Bob13, bballcrook21, and lannan13[1], telling them to share debates and forums that they need help with. Stargate sent a new message every week with new members added each time. Since its creation, ColeTrain, TeenagerX, NewLifeChristian, and Zarroette[2] have joined the thread.

How to join

To join the Right-Wing thread, you must be politically conservative or a right-wing libertarian. Send a friend request to stargate saying you would like to join the thread. He will add you the following week.


The thread has so far succeeded in its mission. Users are helping each other on forums, voting on each other's debates, and attracting more right-wingers every week.

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