Qopel is an atheist user on who has been posting strongly anti-religious content. He was later banned.

Allegations of vote bombing

Qopel claimed that some of his lost Debates were due to vote bombers who opposed his beliefs. He further accuses a list of users of being vote bombers. [1]


Not long after Qopel was banned, an account was made on with the username 'doubter'. It is strongly suspected to be made by Qopel, because like Qopel, doubter:

-Accused other users of being votebombers[2], even accusing users of vote bombing on debates that only doubter himself voted on.

-Appears to be non-religious, hence the username 'doubter'.

-Appears to have a short temper.

In response to 'votebombing', doubter made a series of debates where the winner would be obvious (debates with resolutions like 'fire burns'). Doubter would always make himself the obvious loser. These debates were removed, and it was not long until the Doubter account was banned.


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