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Massive H. Dump joined in the early Spring of 2013 and began his career with the debate, The Holocaust Was a Bad Thing . Naturally, the first impression he made on the community that he was just a troll who would degrade the site.

However, as time passed on, Massive began to create popular humor debates, participate in forums, and even make his own YouTube series for the site.


MassiveDump joined the community after stumbling across a driving age debate on the site that he  "plagarized" as an argument for a parliamentary speech competition. It was then that he realized how fun it would be to actually do some debating online himself.

Early Instigations

Being primarily a troll, Massive began to write some easy topics as warm-ups. These debates included The Holocaust was a Bad ThingCon Will Win This Debate, a debate that potentially ripped a hole in the internet, Polite Rap Battle, a debate of rhythmic compliments, and Slenderman Will Kill Thrift Shop Guy, a debate that he removed before it could be accepted due to its sheer stupidity.

MassiveDump's Calling

Nothing came up that made MassiveDump unique as a user until one week into his account's existence, when he accidentally created the most viewed debate on the entire site, Applejack is Best Pony. It was then when MassiveDump realized that he probably had a purpose.

Claim to Fame Debates

While MassiveDump spends plenty of his time on the Opinions and Forums, there are a couple of his debates that are probably noteworthy to some degree.

Applejack is Best Pony

Being a devout Brony, MassiveDump's instant instinct was to debate about what he knew best: My Little Pony. On March 16, 2013, Applejack is Best Pony was released into the Challenge Period. However, after four days of no contenders, Massive cancelled the debate.

Two days later, Massive decided to give it a second try, and re-enstated the debate. It was quickly accepted by the casual, but not official, Brony, larztheloser. Larz, a former University debater in the real world, was the first serious debater Massive ever faced.

On March X, 2013, the debate was the first ever on to break the million view barrier with over 1.2 million views overnight, at the time having more views than the entire Forum section had posts at the time. There was obvious suspicion over whether a mass refresher was used, but it was concluded that the views most likely came from passing Bronies on Google.

The debate ended in a 12-12 Tie.

It is still, by far, the most viewed debate on the site.

No One Has Ever Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to Do Look More Like


Evidence used in the senseless rambling debate.

Continuing MassiveDump's streak of debating ridiculous nonsense, No One Has Ever Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to Do Look More Like on April 14, 2013 was no more than a battle of interpretation.

The contender was the best that the debate could've asked for. In a heartbeat, the person who accepted this debate was none other than the original troll imabench. That being said, it is likely that only Massive and Bench really knew what the heck was really being discussed.

The debate created much confusion among the entire community, with remarks including, "It's like you took alphabet soup and ran it through google translate twice," and "what the hell".

Massive won the debate 14-10.

Other Noteable Debates

-Sarcastic Presidential Debate v. lannan13; won 10-3.

-People should not been posting unnecessary topics . Such as Pokemon, superheroes, my lil ponys.  v. 17bohtal; won 60-7.

-My Life Sucks More Than My Opponent's v. jdog2016; lost 24-28.

-Terrorism v. OmarGoBoom; won 26-12.

-MassiveDump Uses Marijuana v. GWL-CPA; declined.

-MassiveDump Should Not Post on v. Kicker_Swag; won 99-27.

-Being a Fatty is Worse than Being a Ginger v. xXCryptoXx; lost 21-23 to a last-minute votebomb.

-Live debate against Larztheloser. He was one of the few people to beat Larz in his speciality, which is impromptu debating.

"MassiveDump on" on YouTube

The fourth of a long line of DDO YouTube series (or serieses?), MassiveDump created a YouTube series that, instead of being of the current events of the website, was about absolutely nothing.

MassiveDump Tries to Make a Video for Debate

MassiveDump Tries to Make a Video for



The videos recieved mainly positive reviews, including "5 out of 5 massive dumps," and "Funniest video on this site," while recieving compliments on specific aspects, like character and a sexy voice.

However, the late user Idiot provided negative but constructive criticism like "This man is the Antichrist," and "BAN HIM".

Blue Walls

Since the video series, MassiveDump has strongly endorsed blue walls for any need of any kind whatsoever.


Naturally, along with Massive's one or two fans, Massive also has one or two bagillion people who have grown angry with every word he's spoken.

Other Users

These statements span across an entire spectrum, from GWL-CPA  calling him a "worthless immature punk," to GeekiTheGreat referring to him as an apalling bully, to the late member Kicker_Swag simply accusing him of "winning too much".

War on Opinion Moderators

Since imabench and MassiveDump generally flooded the Opinion section with troll questions, the Opinion Moderators have blocked many seemingly harmless questions asked by Massive about "Australia's Existence" and "Whether or Not Winnie the Pooh was a Traitor". In response, Massive did what any rational person would do and trolled harder.

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