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Juggle builds successful businesses by leveraging speed, scale, and data.[1]



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Tech/Social media/Reference/Crowdsourcing


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Juggle, LLC is a technology and social media company based in Swanson, Illinois. [2] It owns and operates several websites and online services, including CrowdSource, Transcribe, and after acquiring it from Webcorp,


Juggle was founded in 2008 by Ryan Noble and Stephanie Leffler as a reference resource website and expanded in 2010 to include monetizing and publishing e-commerse and information websites. In 2011, it continued to expand, offering full service crowdsourcing solutions.  In 2013, the founders of Juggle were finalists for the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the year award. [3]

Juggle and DDO

Juggle purchased DDO from Phil in 2010.  It isn't entirely known when Juggle first reached out to purchase DDO, but it was finalized and announced in December 2010 [4].

Juggle initially handled all moderation for DDO inhouse.  In July, shortly after the Askbob banning and in the midst of the AnCap exodus they began appointing user moderators.  They also have released a number or updates, mostly focused on bug fixes.  The updates are often user led, such as ELO, RFD, vote counters, and expansions on debate settings.

DDO Opinions

For the full article on the Opinions section, click here.

Juggle originally had a debate site called Juggle.debate which was formatted much the same way as a number of other sites, like yikyak and createdebate.  However, once they purchased DDO, the site became moderately redundate,  While the two sites were different, they attempted to fill in the same niche.  Ultimately, juggle.debate was merged with DDO as the opinions section.

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