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Jonbonbon is a female troll who is regarded as a respectable troll. Most people at first mistake her for a dude, due to the fact that they mistake her nickname "Jon" for being an abbreviation for "Jonathan," when it's actually "Jonelle." The user Inferno actually pressured her into saying she was a guy, which she was able to cleverly combat and establish herself as one of the

few real females on DDO.

She's in the 99th percentile on DDO, which literally means nothing to be honest. She visits the site fairly frequently but occasionally has bouts of boredom, which lead her to a few month hiatus. However, she does her best to keep up with trolling debates and spreading smiles across the forums. Occasionally, she starts creative debate resolutions and has fun debating them with her friends. Very rarely does she accept a serious debate, but when she does, she's usually accepting the easy/popular side or resolution sniping.

Early History

Jonelle Bon was best friends with a user on DDO called TheOncomingStorm in real life. One day, she was watching him flip through DDO on his iPad, and he watched one of the Weekly Stupid videos by Imabench. She thought it was freaking funny, and decided to join the site with the sole purpose of saying idiotic and ridiculous things with hopes of having her comments commented on by Imabench.

Instead, actual idiots made it onto the next episodes, and she gave up. However, she'd said enough stupid things in the Opinions section (a sin, which she later realized no one would remember nor care about) that she felt she only had the option of being a troll. She never really like real debates anyway.


During her time as a reckless troll, Jonbonbon said some pretty inappropriate things. She was fairly vulgar and offensive toward other users. She did get reported, and Airmax explained to her that she should probably stop. She decided to turn from her past ways in fear of being banned, and she found joy in a time of friendship and laughter.

Claims to Fame

Jonbonbon became somewhat known throughout the user base, but it was when she engaged in an idiotic, one-round debate with InvisibleDeity, God does NOT exist!!!, on the 11th of February, 2014, that she became world renowned. This debate stayed on the front page for its entire voting period due to the insistence of Invisible Deity in the comments that everyone was an idiot except for him. It receive so many votes that it caused physical pain to those who tried to read through all the RFD's, although many were removed for being bogus.

Recently, Jonbonbon has gotten into several debates that attained a lot of attention including this one about circumcision and this one called There is too much Hate in God.

Claim to Fame in the Forums

Jonbonbon became generally known for two things in the forums. She was amazing at gif wars, and she wrote a DDO fanfiction called Star Debate, which was based off of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Her fanfic was one of many during the DDO Renaissance. While it was not as popular as Once Upon a DDO, quite a few people read it up until her hiatus.

Troll Queen

MassiveDump was the Troll King before Jonbonbon picked up the crown. He was Troll King for a month, but he left without crowning a new King or Queen. When it was painfully obvious that he was leaving, never to return, Jonbonbon offered to take the crown that he'd left on the ground. No one opposed her, and many supported her. At that point, she officially became the Troll Queen.


During her reign, Jonbonbon established a working government for all trolls, and she began to keep a royal guard. It was her kingdom, and she only had to use her army two times. Once was to combat trolling in the forums, and the other was to clean the debate section of all the awful noob debates.

Government Constitution

Section I:

The kingdom which I rule will be officially known as The Troll Kingdom, from this time until the monarch changes the name.

Section II:

The Troll Kingdom is to be a monarchy. The monarch has absolute rule over the kingdom. The group beneath the monarch is the Knights of the Troll Table. The Knights of the Troll table is a group of trolls who were deemed worthy by the monarch to be advisers. Worthiness is to be judged by their accordance with the Knight's Code.

Section III:

The Troll Kingdom is not to rule in ways that conflict with the terms of service. The Troll Kingdom is not a rebellion against the civilians of the land of DDO. The kingdom must be peaceful with Juggle.

Section IV:

Trolls who oppose the troll kingdom are to be considered traitorous and may be subject to termination. Termination involves exile from the troll kingdom, and mercy is only to be given at the will of the monarch. It also involves warring with such a troll in a way that honors the terms of service, and on occasion it involves fighting alongside those who are not in The Troll Kingdom.

Section V:

There are two levels of knights. The Knights of the Troll Table are an advisory group for the monarch. They are to be the best of trolls in the kingdom aside from the monarch. The Knights of the Royal Guard are the trolls who were knighted for their skills as trolls and their adherence to the knight's code. These trolls are merely soldiers who serve the purpose of The Troll Kingdom.

Section VI:

A knight who has broken the knight's code is subject to punishment based on the severity of the crime. Crimes are offensive behavior toward other members. Offensive behavior is to be considered behavior which inflicts damage on another member. For less serious crimes, a conversation with the monarch about the behavior is all that may be necessary. If a knight repetitively breaks the knight's code, the knight may be subject to losing knighthood. If a knight does something worthy of a temporary or permanent ban, that knight will be reported to the authorities that rule the land and will lose knighthood.

Section VII:

Any knight who has deactivated his/her account will be removed from knighthood immediately unless specific permission was granted by the ruling monarch.

Knights' Code of Honour

1. A knight must show courage against those who oppose The Troll Kingdom and remain loyal.

2. A knight must be respectful and refuse to violate the terms of service.

3. A knight must be generous in the amount of laughs he/she gives to the public.

4. A knight must be committed to excellence in his/her trolling, and all knights should realize they have room to improve.

5. A knight must be loyal to The Troll Kingdom.

6. A knight must not act outside the mandates of the kingdom.

7. A knight must accept responsibility for wrongdoings as to not cast doubt on his/her fellow knights.

8. A knight must not put a focus on noob sniping.

Knights of the Troll Table

Jonbonbon established a group of trolls called the Knights of the Troll Table, who were trolls that she trusted to be advisers and authority figures in her kingdom. These consisted of Thett3, MishapQueen, Jedi4, ESocialBookworm, and 9SpaceKing. She considered these knights to be her friends, and she ruled with them up until her elevation


After realizing that college would become too difficult for her outside the realm of DDO, Jonbonbon gave up the crown and passed it to Thett3. She elevated to be the Troll Goddess of Reason and with that began her hiatus. Thett3 couldn't care less.


After her hiatus, she reestablished herself. She canceled Star Debate, causing an unreleased episode that may never be seen, and she started a new fanfic called DDO Heroes. She took up some debates primarily just to resolution snipe, and she makes sure to do her best to spread smiles and laughs across the forums wherever she goes. DDO Heroes didn't last too long either, and the interest in DDO fanfics faded.

It should be noted that Jonbonbon took another hiatus to make time for college and getting married to the one who introduced her to the site, TheOncomingStorm. She now goes by either Jonelle Bon or Jonelle Storm. Still waiting for someone to call her the Oncoming Jonelle.

Serious Face

When Jonbonbon finally came back at the end of her college career, she put on a serious face. She engaged in her more serious debates and attempted to learn from respected debaters on how to handle tough debates. She entered into her first non-troll tournament, which is ongoing at the time of writing (5/9/17). She also began another DDO story, this time an original story called Nautilus. It's a space based cyberpunk political thriller that's getting great reviews from the community.

She has also joined the Official Voting Group lead by the Voting Czar: Blade-of-Truth. As this being part of the first offering of Raisor Rubles (DDO Official Currency), Jonelle has become the richest person on DDO through the number of votes she's cast. This could easily change if she doesn't win the tournament.