Jifpop09 is known for his "DDO Revolution", designed to overthrow the government of DDO. However, his plan backfired tremendously, and he later ran a campaign to help the site, but his reputation was tarnished. He attempted to inspire legitimate reforms in DDO, but following multiple attacks on a moderator on the site, he was banned. He has an elo of over 4000, providing proof of his debating prowess,  but however does not manage to fare well in troll debates.

Jifpop rejoined the site under the name 'ChosenWolff' after his previous account was deleted. This account was deactivated several times, but often reactivated to promote the website 'Edeb8', which annoyed many members so much that in late 2014, when he asked someone to "... log into my [his] account and change the password so I [he] can never come back. No one can ever ask me [him] to come back either." he received many, many volunteers offering to assist him.

He currently resides on, which was created by LarztheLoser.