This is the comprehensive guide to all resources made for new members. The general section is guides that comprehensively over various topics such as community terms, technical guides, programs, community culture, etc. The Older (somewhat outdated) section includes similar guides to the General ones, but they were made a few years ago; meaning that some of their information is outdated. The Voting section includes guidelines, standards, and advice to voting on debates. The Debating section includes guides and advice on how to debate, as well as debate jargon. The Polls section includes guides on how to use the Polls. The Programs Section includes Programs designed to help new users, their description, and who to contact to sign-up.



Unofficial New Users Guide


Older (somewhat outdated) Orientation

DDO tutorial


New User Mentorship Program-New Users are assigned to a mentor who is an experienced debater on the site to mentor and give them advice in their debates. Contact bsh1 for further information.

New User Outreach-This program gives new users someone to reach out to if they have any questions about the site, and directs new users to helpful guides, people, and programs. Contact Hayd for further information.


Guide to Voting using the 7-Point System

YYWs Brief Guide to Being a Judge

In-depth Voting Guide

Voting Guide: Tabula Rasa Judging


Official Guide to Debating on DDO

YYW's Brief Guide to Debate Writing

Brittwallers Cookbook


Official Guide to Polls Section

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