FATE is a DDO Forum game created by FREEDO and Rockylightning.

The game is considered one of the most exciting games on DDO, but due to it's complexity and the difficulty of hosting it, it's rarely played. The game was popularized by FREEDO's Class Wars mod.

The basic game follows a number of players who grow their families/houses into larger, stronger nations over the course of many rounds. To act, each player sends the Moderator an 'action,' which is usually boldface to separate it from other text. The Mod will 'complete' the action, taking it's effects into account. At the end of each round, new PMs are sent out, and players are given updated scores. The scores are often Political, Economic, and Military.

Some versions of the game includes Stats, such as fertility and production. Stats were added in Donald.Keller's Game of Kings mod.

Hosting FATE requires a lot of attention and patience. FREEDO once received 51 pm's a night from the game, and Donald received, at it's height, 79 pm's a night, and nearly 300 pm's a day. A game of Fate will last between 2 - 4 weeks.

Popular Mods

The most popular Mods so far have been:

Game Mod
Class Wars FREEDO
Game of Kings Donald.Keller
Receding Lands NightofTheLivingCats
Rise of Nations Chosenwolf
Game of Kings II Donald.Keller


Class Wars was considered a bare bones game. It was a basic set up for FATE, although it's gameplay changed greatly over time. The game was the first to include major situations, such as the inability of the Island to host all of it's players, or the problem of Slavery. The mod was harder to host, as it required the Moderator to deal with everything personally and make decisions on player's actions using his own judgement.

Game of Kings famously added stats. The game followed a basic set up, but used a stat system to create a greater sense of consequence and reward. At the end of each "Complete" pm was a list of stat effects. If the player built a factory, he may see "+1 productivity" as a result. The game used stats to control everything. How much your population grew depended on Fertility, and the ability to research new technology depended on Research. In Game of Kings II, a Large Ship requires 3 Productivity, and a Small requires 1. So if the player had a Productivity of 6, he could make 2 Large ships, or 6 Small ships a day.

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