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Edeb8 is a debate website created by user LarztheLoser, whose real name is Lars Dobberin-King[2]. It is formatted in a way similar to, but includes additional features like team debating, webcam debates, groups, teams, and coaching. It also features a three-tiered judging system. It also hosts the annual debate tournament World Online Debating Cup.[4]


Main article: Debates (Edeb8)

Debates are done in a way similar to debates on, in a round-by-round basis. However, Edb8 includes additional features, like webcam debates, random topics, team debates, and short "quick debates". [4]


Main article: Votes (Edeb8)

Edeb8 has a judging system, in which voters vote for a single side of a debate. Lars Dobbertin-King included a feature which increased the weight of votes if the vote was deemed to be of higher quality. An algorithm implemented in the site means that votes with reasons and feedback have more weight than votes without them.


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