Elo rankings are an alternative ranking system for DDO debates. It was first proposed by J.Kenyon on 12/26/2010 [1] and it recieved mostly positive support from the DDO community. However, no formula was made until 8/2/2011 (over 8 months later) when Ore_Ele created a forumla and excel marco to calculate ELO scores with help from Juggle in providing the raw data [2].

The formula has been tweeked a number of times to adjust for Contender Advantage and to discourage newb sniping. A final formula was worked out between Ore_Ele and Juggle in September 2012.

Elo was of the most hoped for and anticipated updates that Juggle made as well as perhaps the best received by the site. The current leaders in terms of Elo ranking are Mikal (9,000), RoyLatham (7,849), Danielle (7,356), Bsh1 (7,748) and bluesteel (6,876).

All debaters start off with 2,000 elo when they enter DDO. Elo is changed after a debate's voting period ends. The equation is calculated by the users to be C= 100 (W+9L)/10W, with C=change, W=winner's original Elo, and L=loser's original Elo. However, sometimes this formula is not applied and there have been doubts about what the real elo equation is.


Users have criticized the Elo system for not providing what they perceive to be a fair representation of debating skills, as Mikal, the first debater in the leaderboard, admits there are others better than him.

9spaceking states that the Elo system requires some modifications, as he perceived certain users to be overrated by the Elo system, despite only debating against less experienced users. Examples of such users include jh1234l, Teemo, and STALIN. There are also many debaters perceived to be too underrepresented by the Elo system, such as YYW and Envisage.[3]

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