Once every 6 months, the community has an election which appoints a president over The elections are moderated by a single member which keeps track of the votes.

Fortunately, the community realized that this figurehead position was essentially meaningless (without power) and the last election was held Summer 2016. The community voted to abandon the presidency all together.

1st Election:

For more information, see 1st DDO Presidential Election


Right Ragnar_Rahl/Rezzealaux

Left: TheLwerd/Volkov


Ragnar_Rahl was the victor .

2nd Election:

For more information, see 2nd DDO Presidential Election


Liberty Party: Ragnar_Rahl/Wjmelements

Reform Party: Lexicaholic/Volkov


Lexicaholic was the victor .

3rd Election:

For more information, see 3rd DDO Presidential Election


Freedom Party: Cody Franklin/Annhasle

Party Party: FREEDO/Koopin

Independent: Innomen/Usafkid1121


Cody Franklin was the victor due to operation Up Your's, where the parody "Party Party" voted entirely for Cody. Cody eventually got 36 votes to Innomen's 32.

4th Election:

For more information, see 4th DDO Presidential Election





Innomen was the victor. with 34 votes to Askbob's 21, with single votes also being cast for Koopin, Roy Lantham, and Cosmic.

5th Election:

For more information, see 5th DDO Presidential Election



Rivalslb Party: Socialpinko/I-Am-A-Panda



Innomen was the victor, winning with 44 votes to socialpinko's 8 and Jimtimmy's 6.

6th Election:

For more information, see 6th DDO Presidential Election


Airmax1227 /Innomen



Airmax was the victor , winning with 38 votes to Medic's 17.

7th Election

For more information, see 7th DDO Election.





Airmax/FREEDO won 38 votes to Spinko/Koopin's 11, resulting in the former's victory.

8th Election:

For more information, see 8th DDO Election





Airmax received 42 votes, Larz received 5 votes, YYW won 4 votes, and Imabench earned 2 votes. 52 votes were cast. Airmax won decisively with 79.2% of the vote. Wnope subsequently became Airmax's VP.

9th Election:

For more information, see 9th DDO Election





The bsh1/thett3 ticket received 35 votes, whereas the TUF/CodyFranklin ticket received 48 votes, resulting in a TUF/CodyFranklin win. Phil also won a single vote, with 84 votes having been cast. TUF/Cody won 57.1% of the vote. This was the closest DDO election in 2.5 years, since the 4th election, where another 13-vote difference separated the candidates. bsh1 had only been on the site for 4 months when the election transpired as well.

Also, before Cody, ClassicRobert (Bobbert), had been TUF's VP candidate. He later left the TUF campaign due to some concerns over its platform, and became the bsh1 campaign's chief of staff.

10th Election:

For more information, see 10th DDO Election.








The Blade/bsh1 ticket received 31 votes; Bullish/Subutai won 4 votes; Sargon/n7 won 4 votes; Crypto/MD received 2 votes; and YYW, Imabench, Daytona, JimTimmy and Jifpop (aka ChosenWolff) each received a single vote. 41 total votes were cast. The Blade/bsh1 ticket decsively won the election with 63.3% of the vote.

Interestingly enough, a kbub/whiteflame ticket was in the race for some time, as was a Larz/OrangeMayhem ticket, until the former endorsed the Blade/bsh1 ticket and the latter broke up, with OrangeMayhem endorsing Blade/bsh1 as well.

11th Election:

For more information, see 11th DDO Election.


Bladerunner060/Cermank (Chief of Staff: Thett3)

Mikal/Imabench (Chief of Staff: Bluesteel)



The Blade/Cermank ticket received 81 votes; the Mikal/Bench ticket received 95 votes; and Sargon/n7 received 2 votes. In all, 178 votes were cast--breaking a DDO record. For so many votes, the election's outcome was determined by a small division: just 14 votes separated the two frontrunners. The election was widely criticized as being rife with dirty tactics. Mikal's campaign was criticized particularly harshly by some due to the large number of "randoms" (users who never posted on the forums, had barely been on the site, or who no one had heard of) voting for him. Several statistical analyses of the votes were performed. All in all, Mikal was declared the victor, with 53.4% of the vote.This election also sparked an outcry for voter reform--generating several proposals, including ones put forth by bsh1 (who had endorsed Blade), dylancatlow, 1harderthanyouthink, and bluesteel.

On January 1st, 2015, Mikal resigned from the Presidency. Bench, at the time, had been banned for sexually harassing Zarroette, and it was largely felt he could not legitimately succeed Mikal, leading to a question about who would take over the office. Mikal resigned shortly after claiming that the presidency should be abolished, which left a wave of frustration inside the DDO community. Drama erupted. Several other members, including Debatability, joined the call to abolish the Presidency, and a petition was even started for the cause (as was a counter-petition). Others wanted to reform the Presidency, changing it into something else.

1st Special Election:






To fill the void left by Mikal's resignation, this special election was held. Ore and Debatability won 41 votes, compared to Wylted's 7, History's 2, and 6 votes cast for other candidates. 56 votes were case. As a result, Ore assumed the Presidency on 1/11/15, to assume a shortened term scheduled to run for about 5 months, having won 73.2% of the vote.

Ore later resigned from office due to Juggle's intransigence regarding fixing issues with the site. Debatability then became President, and shortly thereafter introduced efforts to improve community discussion on the site.

12th Election:

For more information, see the 12th DDO Elections.


Bsh1/Zaradi (Chief of Staff: BlackVoid)


Daytona/Imabench (Chief of Staff: ResponsiblyIrresponsible)



Bsh1 won 55 votes, Debate won 4 votes, Daytonanerd won 6, and Vox won 2. Single votes were also cast for Varrack, Romanii, Envisage, Triangle.128k, and themightyindividual. 72 votes were cast. It was a clear victory for the Bsh1/Zaradi ticket, which captured 76.4% of the vote. While Debate initially ran a serious campaign, her campaign slowly began to peter out due to a lack of outreach on her part. After the election, she noted that, due to changing time commitments, she had changed her mind about wanting to win, and so she hadn't put much effort into campaigning in the latter half of the race. Vox also ran a serious campaign. Daytona ran through his role as the Pope of the Church of NAC, appealing to the Church's membership for his votes. It was a troll campaign. Bsh1, with his 49 vote margin of victory, had the largest margin of victory of any President in any election. He received 38 more votes than all other candidates combined. The campaign was generally regarded as refreshingly clean and transparent.

13th Election:

For more information, see the 12th DDO Elections.


Bsh1/Zaradi (Chief of Staff: Sapphique)




Bsh1 won 50 votes, Wylted won 49, Mirza won 4 votes, Vi_Spex won 2 votes, and Airmax, BornOfGod, Zaradi, Fatihah, and El Chapo each won a single vote. In all, 110 votes were cast, and only a single vote (or 0.91%) separated the first and second place finishers. This was the closest election since the very first election (7 years, 47 days separated the 13th and 1st elections), which was also decided by 1 vote (Ragnar_Rahl (41) to Danielle (40)). This election had the second largest number of votes cast in it at the time. The election saw Bsh1 and Zaradi returned to office with about 45.5% of the vote. Bsh1 was thus the first President in 2.5 years to be reelected, Zaradi was the first VP to ever be reelected, and Saph became the youngest COS to serve in office.

Wylted's support mostly came from people who believed that the Presidency was a useless or near-useless office. They voted for Wylted either for the humorous value of the vote, and/or because they believed he would eliminate or protest various rules and restrictions that his voters saw as onerous. Many people perceived his campaign to be a troll campaign. Thett3 also was involved in the election, and ran a troll campaign to become Vice-President. He urged voters to vote for their choice of President, but for him as VP. It was unclear if this was permissible, or whether President-elects can chose their own VP. Regardless, Thett won 29 votes, mostly in conjunction with Presidential candidates other than Bsh1.

Some controversy erupted during the election, with an attack thread by Mirza against Bsh1, and some members feeling that they had gone too far in their criticisms of Bsh1, noting that they objected more to the idea of a Presidency than to him personally. Others interpreted the actions as more malicious. Additional drama was sparked when 2 votes that were 5 and 15 seconds past the voting deadline were cast for Wylted, which would've put him 1 vote ahead of Bsh1. These votes were not counted.

14th Election:






Wylted received 58 votes, Imabench won 29, and DK won 17. Axonly, Vi_Spex, Airmax1228, Raisor, Sargon, 1harderthanyouthink, Chloe, Abolition, and Daytonanerd all received one vote each as well. 113 votes were cast. Wylted won the election with about 51.3% of the vote. Imabench ran on an abolitionist platform, proposing replacing the presidency with a system of direct democracy and referenda he termed "conventions." Wylted proposed hosting a referendum on whether to abolish the Presidency, but otherwise advanced no clear or public platform. Many accused Wylted of improper electioneering (bribing votes, lying to voters in PMs, etc). DK ran on a platform of preserving the Presidency, but decentralizing its functions, and returning some of its powers to the people. Harder had also been running a strong pro-Presidency campaign, until he dropped out and endorsed Bench. Harder and DK had both called on the other to drop out, so as not to split the pro-Presidency vote, and their interactions became increasingly acrimonious in the last few days of the race. Generally, the race was regarded as having a high amount of drama, conflict, and confusion, with Wylted announcing 3 months ahead of the vote on a ticket with Rosalie, Bsh1 joining that ticket, and then that ticket collapsing, only to see Wylted announce a different campaign in the final days of the race.