DDO Badge System is a debate tournament run by Mikal. The tournament uses a format similar to ClassicRobert's Gauntlet tournaments, but is thematically based on the Pokemon series (specifically the format used in the original Pokemon anime series and the Gen 1 Pokemon games). Challengers must first defeat either Actionsspeak or Defro before battling the eight gym leaders:

  1. Jonbonbon (trolling badge)
  2. TN05 (social badge)
  3. WhiteFlame (political badge)
  4. tylergraham95 (history badge)
  5. Zaradi (philosophical badge)
  6. ClassicRobert (imprompteu badge)
  7. Ore Ele (elder badge)
  8. thett3 (open-ended badge)

Once the challenger has defeated all of the badge holders in order, they enter a gauntlent tournament against The Elite Four - ConservativePolitico, Raisor, Mikal, and Bluesteel.

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