In 2009, responding to Rockylightning 's spam debate against Roy Latham (on Cap and Trade), Koopin invited Rockylightning and a few other members on his "Planned trip" to a planet he calls Bithono. "Bithono does have a suitable atmosphere, it is even better than earths! The spaceshp is being built right now in a undisclosed (secret) location. It does have three KFCs inside.
You can invite twelve friends, to even things out, bring six boys and six girls.
You can bring your two cats, good idea about the chickens." says Koopin. Koopin claims that the Amazonians were building a great spaceship with space for 50 KFCs. It has a bunch of pods that can hold 3000 people, food, water, and many other necessities. One day the Amazonians write him a note saying "Whie you liky to dig thugh grond? tis is myne lend. You cen hav half our werld if giv medcen" claiming he needed it decoded. Koopin describes the Amazonians tech as "Super high technology. It blew my mind the first time I saw it.". Koopin asked for his member's addresses so he could "ship them plane tickets to the Amazon" but everyone really knows it was so he could just kill them and shove fried chicken into their severed limb sockets.