The big issues are a section on user profiles which allow users to show whether they support or are against a set list of issues. The answers are listed in a poll-like fashion and are presented with information surrounding the topic, which the site calls "non-biased" and "equal-coverage". [1]When visiting another user's profile, one can see which issues they agree or disagree on with said user. You are also given the option to justify your reasoning in a short amount of text box space.

Stance choices

Pro/For: I support this issue. Con/Against: I do not support this issue. Undecided: I have not decided whether I support this issue. N/O or No opinion: I have no opinion on this issue. N/S or Not saying: I am not willing or ready to share my stance on this issue.

List of Issues

Abortion, Affirmative Action, Animal Rights, Barack Obama, Border Fence, Capitalism, Civil Unions, Death Penalty, Drug Legalization, Electoral College, Environmental Protection, Estate Tax, European Union, Euthanasia, Federal Reserve, Flat Tax, Free Trade, Gay Marriage, Global Warming Exists, Globalization, Gold Standard, Gun Rights, Homeschooling, Internet Censorship, Iran-Iraq War, Labor Union, Legalized Prostitution, Medicaid & Medicare, Medical Marijuana, Military Intervention, Minimum Wage, National Health Care, National Retail Sales Tax, Occupy Movement, Progressive Tax, Racial Profiling, Redistribution, Smoking Ban, Social Programs, Social Security, Socialism, Stimulus Spending, Term Limits, Torture, United Nations, War in Afghanistan, War on Terror, Welfare.

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