Askbob is a banned user of DDO.  He has been one of the most polarizing figures in DDO history.  He is also one of the single most significant members to influence the DDO society and culture.


Askbob first joined DDO under the username scissorhands7 in September 2008.  He was ultimately banned by Phil, who created and owned DDO at the time, in October 2008.  The Askbob account was created a few weeks later, along with over a dozen other multi accounts, however the Askbob account became the main account and what he was ultimately known as.  in February 2009, Phil banned him once again for insulting members.  Many have speculated that Phil banned Askbob because Askbob insulted Phil, and used the excuse of insulting others as justification for a personal goal.  However, in the ban notes, Phil lists number cases of Askbob stating "GTFO or post tits" (and numerous variations of the same).  After a continued number of multiaccounts, Phil sent out a cease and desist to Askbob in May 2010.

A few short months later, Juggle purchased DDO from Phil.  At the time, Cody_Franklin was the DDO President.  A "bring back Askbob" movement was lead primarily by JBlake and Cody acted as a middle man between the members that wanted Askbob back and Juggle.  Askbob's account was reactivated in January 2011.  Askbob's primary focus upon coming back to DDO was weeding out those that he believed to be trolls or multiaccounters [1][2][3].

Askbob ultimately rejected the DDO's TOS stating, "TOS has been nullified as the admins have yet to make a standard. Universally the community agrees with excluding harassing from the Tos. The admins have stated that the TOS will be user created." And took it upon him​self to determine who should and should not be banned.  He accomplished his goals through a combination of spam reporting (Juggle reported that they received over 100 reports in a single day) and harassing members that he wanted off the site.  A number of high profile incidents would gather Juggle's attention and eventually lead to Askbob's final banning in July 2011.

His banning was a key point that sparked the Ancap Exodus, even though he was not an Anarcho Capitalist.

High Profile incidents


Shortly after Askbob was unbanned by Juggle, he formed a group to help him locate suspected multiaccounts and trolls, flood Juggle with reports, and harrass them off the site is Juggle did not ban them.  One of Askbob's key helpers was member ccstate4peat.  

Their first target of an active member was Rogue, who had joined about 7 weeks prior to the incident.  On 1/19, about two weeks after Askbob came back, Rogue created a thread asking

So, askbob is threatening to do terrible things to me on this site. He says he's gotten 8 people to leave. If this is true, why are people doing as he says? This totally ruins the purpose of the site. Why are people ok with that? He merely wants to do so because I won't say why I voted the way I did in his debate in the comments section. I might have if he hadn't harassed me. Even if you don't like me in some way, I would hope that people on this site, especially the admins would not let harassment like that get so bad people leave the site. Can I get an explanation? [4]

Askbob presented a screen shot of a PM that he had with Rogue earlier that same day [5] in which he requested her RFD (this was before the RFDs were added to the voting section).  When she didn't provide it, he stated that he will harrass anyone that votes on his debates until they give him a reason or unvote.  He also referred to himself as the "King of harrassing people."  At first he says that he will accept any RFD, no matter how poor it is, saying that a poor RFD will allow others to see how bad she is and he won't harrass her.  However, he later demands a more details RFD.  Rogue changes her vote to a vote bomb against him and he says that he will get others to harrass her as well.

The next day CC started a thread claiming to have found a multi account of Rogue [6].  The evidence was that the member had the same first name as Rogue and had vote bombed in Rogue's favor on a debate.  At the time, there were no user mods, and all moderation was handled directly by Juggle.  While nearly the entire DDO community believed in waiting for Juggle to compare IP address to confirm multiaccounting before passing judgement, Askbob and CC demanded a ban from the beginning and never supported waiting for IP confirmation.  JuliaD made the announcement approximately 12 hours after the thread was created.

While I understand members of this site are passionate about their debates and particularly the issue of vote-bombing, the level of harassment that takes place against members on this site, without confirmation that any wrongdoing took place, is detrimental to the community as a whole. Take a step back and consider, in one thread members are discussing how to bring new members on board and in another thread those same people are openly admitting to harassing other members, calling for bans, and throwing out personal insults. As a person who would be reviewing the site, evaluating whether I would like to join, threads such as these would give me pause.
I have personally reviewed the data for the two accounts in question and while there are things that make them similar, by all indications from the data we have, they were not created by the same person. As a result, both accounts will remain active.
For the members of this site who are openly admitting harassment both on this site as well as others, I ask that you discontinue that behavior. Harassment is a matter that we take just as seriously as multi-accounting and hope that members of this site can work to create a positive environment without the need of intervention from the moderators.


Charleslb has been a member of DDO since October 2010.  Charleslb's refusal to debate what he argues about in the forums made him a target for Askbob.  Some believe that it was actually his political leaning, a hard left communist, that got the attention of Askbob, as many other argue in the forums without debating.  Eventually, Askbob labeled Charles as a troll with the intent to drive him off the site.  Through Charles' personal blog, Askbob was able to gain his personal information, name, address, and phone number.  Charles left the site when Askbob called and left a message for him telling him to shorten his posts [7].

Askbob named his DDO political party rivalslb in part after Charleslb, claiming a victory for driving him off the site.  Charles eventually came back to the site shortly before the 6/2011 elections, in which Askbob was running against Innomen, and stayed after Askbob's ban.  He eventually left on his own and has not been active on the site.


In early May 2011, Askbob accused Lionheart of having a duplicate account, shrek65, on the grounds that shrek65 was voting all 7s on many of Lionheart's debates.  Askbob placed a counter vote bomb on one of Lionheart's debates that Lionheart disagreed with.  Lionheart stated in a PM, that because Askbob votebombed one of his debates, that he would votebomb one of Askbob's debates.  Askbob responded in PM with "vote bomb on one of my debates, and I will reveal all of your personal information in the forums... I am threatening you." [8]

Askbob released copies of several PMs with Lionheart into the forums, and stated shortly afterwards that the issue with Lionheart had been resolved. [9]  Two days later, CosmicAlfonso posted a picture that he claimed was Lionheart and began trolling Lionheart saying, "...none of the sh!t I direct at you is done with malice, I'm trying to get you to lighten up. To be that serious must be counterproductive to good mental health."  When Lionheart did not back down to the trolling, Askbob joined in, taking the picture that CA found and putting captions with them and finishing with, "I apologize that Lionheart is so full of himself that I have to make fun of him."  One week after that Lionheart created a "leaving and never coming back thread," to which he came back just 10 days later again.  Lion avoided Askbob throughout the election and time following, though did come out in support for Askbob's banning.  Lion ultimately left the site, making his last post on 8/27/2011.


In June 2011, after Askbob lost the 4th DDO Presidential Election to Innomen, he proceeded to go to extreme reporting means with a number of unnamed members assisting him. At one point, over 250 reports were submitted in a single day. In a time before User Moderators, Juggle began to ban members simply as a result over the number of reports against them, rather than the quality of the report. Darkkermit was an active and well respected member, however when he butted heads with Askbob's report flooding style, Askbob reported Darkkermit enough to get him banned on June 27th 2011. He was unbanned the next day after Innomen contacted Juggle. As a result of the outcry, Juggle decided to go with User Mods rather than their own employees. Innomen became the first usermod.


Also in June 2011, a new member called Brainmaster joined DDO. The member was generally viewed as a non-serious troll. Askbob tracked down a bunch of Brainmaster's personal information including his parent's phone number and address and creating vague threats that he would "use" them if Brainmaster did not leave the site. Juggle eventually responded and permanently banned Askbob on July 7th, 2011 [10]. Brianmaster was banned shortly after for continued trolling.