The beginings

The story of anonymouse began a long time ago (about 3 years), in a small log house outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. A unknown user created the great anonymouse account that would serve as a stepping stone for the redspectre to be reincarnated

Debates, Forum Posts and Autism

Anonymouse unfortunately never used his account to its potential and ruined it for everyone. Then one day, A fellow named redspectre who was banned by the DDO elitists, came across this account's username and password on From that moment on, Redspectre knew he must spread the gospel. The autistic gospel. Redspectre, err i mean anonymouse, debated the ranks of ddo and slowly made his way to the top. He even toppled the greetest of them all making them cry like sissy babies. Redspectre had reached his prime. He had spread the autistic gospel by posting as much as possible across the ddo forumz. But then tradegy struck. The account was closed and Redspectre is one again on the outside of DDO looking in. The Elites have captured him and he is currently in a jail run by Khaos Mage.

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