This is part of the DDO Presidential Election series.

The 4th DDO Presidential Election was for the 6 month term from 6/15/2011 to 12/14/2011.  The voting period was for four days from 6/12/2011 to 6/15/2011 [1].  The election was primarily between Askbob and Innomen, to which Innomen won 34 to 21.  The election was run by Ore_Ele.

History leading towards the election

Cody Franklin, the DDO president at the time, winning the 3rd DDO Presidential Election, chose to not run for re-election.  The site was purchased by Juggle from Phil at the start of Codys term.  Juggle expressed interest in working with the elected president, making this the first election where the results may mean something of significance to the DDO community.  Askbob was unbanned, thanks to support from Cody and JBlake.  Innomen was coming off his lose to Cody in the 3rd elections, where he was upset thanks to a last minute switch from the Party party.

Key issues for the members of DDO

With Juggle incharge of DDO, the site saw significant growth.  That growth included a large number of trolls and spammers and generally, what are considered short time, low quality members.  the important issues for members were the dealings of these trolls (which, for a significant time frame, had no action taken against them), and getting Juggle to impliment new features that the community had given up on Phil ever providing.